Women’s Access to Health Information in Lebanon

Women in Lebanon lack awareness regarding the specific meaning of the concept of “women’s equal right to access information and health,” as well as the implications of this concept on governmental policies and budgeting. Regardless of their social status or educational level, Lebanese women have been inadequately informed about health services, accurate diagnoses, treatment options, and the pros and cons of various medical procedures and therapies.

Lebanon currently lacks legislation that enforces measures to ensure people’s right to access information. Additionally, only a few studies have been conducted to assess Lebanese women’s awareness of their right to be informed about their health conditions and receive appropriate treatment. The civil society is further hindered from actively participating in the formulation and monitoring of health policies due to limited access to information. In light of these circumstances, the PCDD has undertaken the initiative, funded by the ‘World Justice Forum’, to examine the current state of available information on women’s health rights in Lebanon, focusing on Lebanese women leaders and determine the level of understanding among educated Lebanese women regarding gender-specific health issues and access to information. Furthermore, the aim is to strengthen legal oversight and enforcement mechanisms to ensure women’s access to health-related information.

PCDD is happy to:
Share that the project was in the spotlight among 36 competitively-selected programs on 5 continents by participants in 2008 World Justice Forum.
Supported the cause of women’s right to access to health information in Lebanon by putting under the spotlight PCDD’s study of the current challenges and best practices for access to health information at the 2008 World Justice Forum and by building a multidisciplinary coalition of civil society leaders in Lebanon committed to improve women’s access to health-related information.