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Through your donation, you are supporting PCDD efforts to create a more inclusive and democratic society. Your contribution helps give marginalized groups a platform to be heard, enhances civic participation, and fosters positive change in Lebanon and the wider MENA region.

PCDD utilizes its expertise to offer specialized assistance, guidance, and training to marginalized groups and civil society organizations. This support helps these groups build their capacity, develop effective strategies, and implement projects that promote inclusive civic participation.

PCDD provides services to organizations and individuals seeking guidance on democratic processes, governance, and development. Donations contribute to sustaining these services, enabling PCDD to offer valuable insights and recommendations to stakeholders in the region.

PCDD designs and implements capacity building programs that empower individuals and organizations to actively engage in the democratic process. These programs equip participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively advocate for change and contribute to shaping their societies.

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