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Welcome to PCDD

Equal opportunity in democracy

The Partnership Center for Development and Democracy (PCDD) is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan organization, registered in March 2007 under Lebanese law and based in Beirut.

In partnership, we strive to create a society where everyone has an equal chance to fully participate in democratic institutions and processes.

Through its technical expertise, consulting services, and capacity building programs, PCDD provides assistance to marginalized groups and civil society organizations in Lebanon and the MENA region to amplify their voices for inclusive and meaningful civic participation and become active advocates for change in the public sphere.

Our Values

We live by a core of values

Our culture is shaped by our values, which reinforce what we do and how we do. In everything we do, we live by a core of values:


We believe that every individual has the right to participate in the decision-making process, as well as the full right to dignity, integrity, and liberty in all areas of life.


We recognize and accept cultural differences and make sure to place major value on tolerance in the community and the workplace.


We ultimately believe that it is our duty to guide and build the capacities of vulnerable and discriminated people, thereby showing them the way to self-development.


We believe all lives are equal and everyone has a right to the same opportunity, the same treatment under the law, and the same protection under the law as everyone else.


We embrace diversity and difference and value the perspectives and contributions of all individuals in their fight for human rights. We use social inclusion and gender equality in all our activities.


We envision a world guided by harmony and societal justice, and support initiatives that advance the abolition of discrimination in all its forms. We use advocacy to bring about positive, peaceful change.


It is only through transparency, accountability, inclusion, and participation that human rights can be protected. We demand an inclusive and accountable governance system to protect human rights.

What We Do

We are grateful to all our supporters and partners. They provided PCDD with much-needed resources, which allowed it to effectively carry out its advocacy work. We are deeply appreciative of their contribution. In addition to providing technical expertise and consulting services, PCDD also facilitates capacity building programs for marginalized groups and grassroots organizations. It is important to us to work with organizations and consultants whose values, quality of work, and mechanisms of operation are in line with ours.

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Consultation Services

In support to the last phase of the constitution- making process, PCDD provided services to DRI under the project “ Supporting Civil Society Organizations and Political Actors in Elections and Institutional Reforms to Strengthen the Democratic Process in Tunisia” funded by the EU and the Foreign and Commonwealth office. PCDD delivered a practical training on advocacy techniques with comparative advocacy experiences from the Arab region to local civil society actors to actively pursue their advocacy activities on local democracy and governance. PCDD provided as well, feedback, assessment and evaluation to participants whenever it was needed.
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