Organizing Electoral Effective Campaigns

The PCDD implemented a nationwide program funded by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, with the aim of equipping candidates and campaign staff from various political affiliations in Lebanon with the necessary skills to conduct effective electoral campaigns. This initiative took the form of a series of workshops called ‘Plan and Win,’ which were conducted across the country to provide candidates and their campaigns with the knowledge, tools, and skills required to plan for elections in a systematic and technical manner.

The training focused on campaign structures, strategic communication, and the development of a clear mission and vision. Practical exercises were employed to assist in building well-organized campaigns that emphasized tactics and key issues rather than personal or local politics. The topics covered included the responsibilities of Members of Parliament (MPs), strategic thinking, managing campaign resources, strategic planning elements, and the analysis of ongoing electoral campaigns.

The program yielded significant results, with over 120 participants representing different political parties attending workshops throughout the country. Despite the challenging context in Lebanon, participants from diverse backgrounds effectively collaborated during the participatory workshop sessions.

Furthermore, the program experienced a high turnout among registered participants, despite initial doubts regarding the likelihood of elections and hesitancy to engage in sensitive topics.