Increasing Women Political Participation

PCDD implemented the “Women Political Participation” project, funded by MEPI. The project aimed to empower women to run for local elections and raise awareness about discriminatory laws.

The project organized eight interactive round tables across Lebanon, focusing on the importance of women’s political participation, advocating for legislative reforms, and outlining the necessary steps to achieve these goals. Notable milestones were achieved during the project, including the development of a corruption measurement tool by women participants. This tool was tested during interviews with municipal leaders. Additionally, a 28-minute Vox pop documentary on “Women’s Political Participation” was filmed in all Lebanese governorates, providing valuable insights. Media coverage was significant, with over 66 instances of coverage across various platforms. Online media also covered the roundtable discussions from 19 different sources. The Vox pop documentary gained wide dissemination through social media and within Lebanese governorates, reaching a broad audience.

The project successfully broke social barriers, with women holding officials accountable for the first time in Lebanon. Men also showed a significant shift in attitude by actively participating in conferences on female topics. The project’s E-Newsletter featured real corruption cases and documented the experiences of 15 participants who utilized the corruption measurement tool to question municipal leaders based on their electoral programs.

The roundtables attracted over 200 participants who actively engaged in discussions and showed support for women’s political participation. Overall, the project made significant progress in promoting gender equality, breaking social barriers, and fostering an inclusive political environment.