Electoral Reform Awareness Campaign

The PCDD implemented the ‘Pre-printed Ballots Awareness Campaign’, which was funded by the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The primary objective of the campaign was to enhance public understanding of standard electoral processes in Lebanon and advocate for necessary reforms. A key focus of the campaign was to emphasize the significance of adopting standardized official ballot papers as a means to ensure transparent and fair elections while combating vote-buying practices. Therefore, PCDD organized a nation-wide campaign by organizing grassroots workshops across the country, targeting citizens with a keen interest in the electoral process. These workshops served as platforms to present suggested reforms proposed by the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform (CCER), with a particular emphasis on the importance of pre-printed ballots. Special attention was given to actively involving women and youth in the roundtable events, recognizing their vital role in the electoral process. To effectively convey the message, PCDD employed various activities. These included facilitating discussions to identify local reform priorities, screening informative films that showcased diverse electoral systems, and presenting examples of successful implementation of pre-printed ballots from other countries. Interactive question sessions and the distribution of informational flyers were also conducted to actively engage participants and foster a deeper understanding of the campaign’s objectives. The participation was high despite a general lack of confidence in the likelihood of their being an election.