Building Bridges of Communication Between the Youth and Municipalities

Dialogue Between the Youth and Municipalities
The “Youth Becoming Effective Actors in Their Community” project, funded by USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives, was launched to foster effective communication and collaboration between young people and municipal authorities. Recognizing the importance of youth participation in decision-making processes, the project aimed to create a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas between the two groups.

Implemented by PCDD, the project sought to engage youth from Tripoli and Akkar regions, who faced significant challenges due to underdevelopment, economic struggles, and health issues. The project followed a two-phase approach. In the first phase, 60 youth underwent capacity-building workshops focusing on problem identification, communication skills, and overcoming stereotypes. This equipped them with the necessary tools to effectively engage with their communities. In the second phase, the youth groups undertook fieldwork, implementing various development projects such as installing bus stop shelters, collecting books for the public library, rehabilitating a public hall, and distributing academic books to schools. These projects allowed the youth to make tangible contributions and address pressing needs. The project yielded significant outcomes, including improved communication channels between youth and local authorities, fostering collaboration in addressing community issues.

Furthermore, the project successfully established networks among youth from Tripoli and Akkar, promoting unity and the exchange of ideas. A photo exhibition was organized, showcasing participants’ perspectives on community strengths and areas for improvement. Overall, the project empowered marginalized youth to actively participate in shaping their communities, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement among the younger generation.