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To strengthen youth ability
to identify situations in need
of change in their villages
and learn how to address them
To enhance communication between youth and local authorities
To encourage youth networking from dierent villages in North Lebanon
The United States Agency for International Development Oce for Transition Initiatives (USAID/OTI) funded the "Youth Leaders" project which took place from November 2008 to February 2009.

The main strategy to implement our objectives was not only to coach the young North Lebanese population on the skills we wished for them to acquire, but to also give them an opportunity to channel them through a project they plan on their own.

The workshop mostly included material on identifying and defining problems, on enhancing communication, clarifying prejudgment and stereotyping.
Once they were equipped with the proper expertise and know-how to take action on their own, the group of young participants did wonders in their district.

Examples include:

Installing two bus stop shelters next to a university campus in Tripoli,
Collaborating with donors on gathering books for the public library,

Rehabilitating and equipping a public hall used for major holidays and ceremonies,

Distributing academic books for middle school and high school students,

Creating networks between youth from Tripoli and Akkar region, Planning a photoexhibition in Tripoli for 34 photos taken by participants depicting areas they liked in their communities and others they thought needed improvement,

Organizing a committee out of the villages' residents to supervise the democratic voting process and announce the results for the best photo taken.