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To raise awareness of the
rights to which Lebanese
women are entitled to under
the CEDAW convention.

To popularize CEDAW's content thereby generating a
wider and more concrete understanding of the Convention in Lebanese society.


Recognizing that the majority of Lebanese women are not aware of their rights, PCDD found it crucial to spread awareness on the existence of CEDAW's convention as a legal tool that protects women's rights.
The strategy in the project "When Women Speak CEDAW" was simplifying CEDAW's sometimes rigid and technical content into colloquial Arabic accompanied with vulgarized schematic representation to ensure the understanding of its content by all women and men in Lebanon. This project, funded by the Norwegian Embassy, provided a Training of Trainers (ToT) for female
partner NGO representatives to enable them to become.
agents of change by disseminating CEDAW content through open discussions and organizing roundtables in their local communities.PCDD partnered with more than 10 NGOs in Southern Lebanon for this initiative.
In just two short months, When Women Speak CEDAW has generated eorts that resulted in 15 roundtables in South Lebanon alone!
All in all, the direct beneficiaries of these roundtables has reached approximately 450 men and women, an impressive number to target in such a short time, not to mention the indirect beneficiaries like the participants' families and friends! The campaign materials devised for spreading awareness throughout the project (posters, short film, CEDAW manual) have been copied and distributed by the thousands to NGOs, families and organizations all over the country. The project originated in the South but the media tools have helped it spread nationwide!
Our biggest achievement is that after witnessing the success of When Women Speak CEDAW in South Lebanon, a duplication of the project is to take place in all Lebanese governorates!