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The Partnership Center for Development and Democracy (PCDD) is an independent non-profit organization, founded in March 2007 and based in Beirut, Lebanon. PCDD builds civil society by making the political process more inclusive and representative of marginalized groups. Our focus is on youth and women, in order to increase their participation in decision-making processes in their communities. We build strong partnerships with local grassroots organizations and strive to assist them change their social and political environment for the better.


PCDD specializes in advocacy and electoral campaigns. Through its technical expertise, consulting services and capacity building programs, the Center provides assistance to marginalized groups and civil society organizations in Lebanon and the MENA region so that they can become active proponents of change in the public sphere. 


 PCDD envisions a vibrant civil society able to affect change to public policies and actively contribute to the democratic process. 


    PCDD is a member of the following international networks and organizations:
   1. The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)
    2. The World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVISCUS)
    3. The Freedom of Information     4. The Advocates Network (FOIA)     5. The International Women Peace Group (IWPG)


Through adamant strategic focus on our work and drive to achieve PCDD's vision, we have developed a set of beliefs that guide us on our path to success.

The Partnership Center for Development and Democracy firmly stands by the following principles:
  Equal participation as a crucial component to ensure individual opportunities and the recognition
    of marginalized groups;

  Gender equality as the cornerstone of development and human liberty;

  Human rights as universal, absolute, collective and fundamental elements of everyday life;

  Sustainable development as the ultimate path to human security for current generations
    and the ones to come;

  Culture as a particularly significant factor in the democratic process.
Propagate democratic values to organizations and communities in the region
Provide grassroots and development organizations with the capacities to advocate for constructive change
Ensure all citizens' equal participation in the decision making process of society at large