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To ensure every citizen's
right to access information

To impose an explicit nutritional label on white bread bags, thereby making the alimentary composition transparent and available to all


The AMIDEAST/United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded the "Bread Safety" project which took place from August 2010 to February 2011.
Working in partnership with the Ministry of Industry's LIBNOR, responsible for developing and implementing standards in Lebanon, PCDD collected dozens of random bread samples from various regions in Lebanon to be tested for their components.
After receiving the unsafe results from the laboratory, PCDD launched its campaign to inform the Lebanese society of the obtained Result, knowing that the lack of information impedes
citizens' ability to assess the problem they face.
This was followed by many months of advocacy, awareness and media campaigns all over the Lebanese territory.
After months of lobbying and awareness eorts, decree No. 82/1/a was issued by the Ministry of Economics imposing safety standards on flour for bakeries to abide by, A few months later, the Ministry of Industry/LIBNOR announced the readiness of the standard for Lebanese bread numbered NL 240:201. Detailed nutrition facts compatible with international standards were finally imposed on Lebanese white bread, resulting in us achieving our ultimate goal!